Allahabad bank customer care numbers 2020

Allahabad bank is one of the top banks in India. The headquarters of this bank is in Allahabad. Allahabad Bank has its branches in all states on India. It is also the oldest bank of India. There are many ways to contact Allahabad bank customer support, like phone, email, mail, etc.

To contact Allahabad bank customer care dial 1800 57 22 000 from any states of India. This number is completely toll – free.

Other alternative customer care numbers of Allahabad bank

03322420863Head Office
03322420915Head office
03322420869Head office
03322103777Head office
03322420900Head office
03322420883Head office
9223150150For ATM card block
1800226061Mobile Banking
1800226061Internet Banking

Allahabad customer care Email address

[email protected]ATM-related issues or queries
[email protected] Any banking-related issues
[email protected] Report any frauds
[email protected] Mobile Banking
[email protected] Internet Banking

Zonal branches customer care number & Email

Zonal officePhone NumberEmail
ASANSOL(0341) 2283892/ 2282056 [email protected]
ALLAHABAD(0532) 2622883/ 2420010 [email protected]
AGRA(0562) 2582010/ 2582152 [email protected]
AHMEDABAD(079) 26442199/ 26400334 [email protected]
AMRITSAR (0183) 2830600[email protected]
BHUBANESWAR (0674) 2557563/ 2554836 [email protected]
BEHALA(033) 40051142[email protected]
BHOPAL (0755) 2583669 [email protected]
BARASAT (033) 25523036/ 25524497/ 25525255[email protected]
BAHRAICH(05252) 232539/ 233176[email protected]
BANGALORE(080) 25590985/ 25590987[email protected]
CHINSURAH(033) 26802912/ 26805249[email protected]
CHANDIGARH(0172) 2709458[email protected]
CHENNAI (044) 28156607/ 28152206 [email protected]
DELHI – NCR (011) 23364329/ 23346204/ 23346205[email protected]
DEOGHAR (06432) 231559/ 231685[email protected]
DEHRADUN (0135) 2713976/ 2653014/ 2713957[email protected]
DIBRUGARH (0373) 2310965[email protected]
GUWAHATI (0361) 2460716/ 2460719[email protected]
GONDA (05262) 2224023/ 222687[email protected]
GORAKHPUR (0551) 2202564/ 2201724[email protected]
HAMIRPUR (05282) 223205/ 222096[email protected]
HYDERABAD (040) 27637738/ 27644585 [email protected]
JABALPUR (O761) 2624977, 4017346, 2629376 [email protected]
JAIPUR(0141) 2741344/ 2743842/ 2740407 [email protected]
KOLKATA (URBAN)(033) 27062573[email protected]
KOLKATA (METRO)(033) 22340026[email protected]
KANPUR (0512) 2545434/ 2545430[email protected]
LUDHIANA (0161) 2440035/ 2440039/ 3265255/ 6545355[email protected]
LAKHIMPUR(05872) 253009/ 257889[email protected]
LUCKNOW (0522) 2286296/ 2286389/ 2287282/ 2287283 [email protected]
MIDNAPORE (03222) 267380/ 275938/ 261920[email protected]
MEERUT (012) 2645847/ 2646007[email protected]
MIRZAPUR(05442) 245209/ 245750[email protected]
MORADABAD(0591) 2428552/ 2415874 [email protected]
MUZAFFARPUR (0621) 2227476/ 2247500 [email protected]
MUMBAI (022) 24921986, 32460235, 24973974, 24930235 [email protected]
NEW DELHI (011) 23341669/ 23367691/ 23341152 [email protected]
NAGPUR (0712) 2520553/ 2530666[email protected]
PATNA(0612) 2224197/ 2234502[email protected]
PUNE (020) 25575000[email protected]
RANCHI (0651) 2560357/ 2560364[email protected]
RAIPUR (0771) 4059516/ 4042125/ 2428271[email protected]
SILIGURI (0353) 2431148/ 2530403[email protected]
SATNA (07672) 406901/ 406902[email protected]
SITAPUR (05862) 271438/ 270789[email protected]

Headoffice address

2, N. S. Road,

Kolkata -700 001

Official website:

Some regular queries for Allahabad bank customers

How to block my Allahabad bank ATM card?

To block your ATM card Send SMS BLOCKCARD<Last Six Digits of your Card> and sent to 9223150150 from your registered mobile number.

How to block my Allahabad Bank Account?

Send SMS BLOCKACCT<Last Six Digits of your Account Number> and sent to 9223150150 from your registered phone number.

How to generate my ATM pin?

To generate the ATM pin, Firstly, you need to go an Allahabad ATM. Then follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, click on the PIN generation.
  • Then you need to enter your account number and registered phone number.
  • Now, you will receive a text message which contains a four-digit temporary password.
  • Now go to the PIN change option, and enter the temporary password.
  • And now enter your new four-digit password and confirm it.
  • Done, you will get a confirmation message from the bank.

How to change my ATM pin?

You can change your ATM pin by Login into your internet banking dashboard, and also you can change it by any of the ATM.

To change the PIN select PIN change option on ATM.

How to generate a transaction password?

  • Sign in on Internet banking dashboard
  • Then click on Password Management
  • Select the password generation option


I hope you get your all answers about Allahabad bank customer care numbers from the above article. If still, you experience any issue, please feel free to comment below.

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